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Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re looking to give your home an upgrade -- perhaps you’re thinking of selling, or maybe it’s just time for a change, because a change is as good as a holiday -- then the most high-impact and cost-effective way to do it that doesn’t involve massive renovations, is to give your cabinetry a facelift with the assistance of the expert cabinet painters of Santa Clara Painters.

Whether it’s your kitchen cabinets that have taken a beating after years of trusty service, or if the kids have left the bathroom cabinets looking worse for wear, hire our house painting pros and you can be sure you’re going to get great customer service, magnificent workmanship, and industry-beating prices.

Some homeowners contemplate doing a DIY painting job for their interior projects, but it actually makes more sense to hire a team of experts. These jobs tend to be slightly more complex and involved than you’d imagine, at least if you’re unfamiliar with painting, and it can also ensure avoiding costly mistakes. There’s a large amount of preparation work required, some cabinet deconstruction and so on. The protocol unfolds roughly as follows:

  • A detailed consultation -- we’ll do a walk through of your spaces and get a sense of your vision for the project and what you want to spend. We’ll also customize a color design specifically created for you, to make your interior rooms come to life.
  • Cabinet inspection -- it’s important to consider the make-up of your existing cabinets and any design features that we will need to take into account. No amount of design complexity is an obstacle to the pros at Santa Clara Painters!
  • Cabinet cleaning -- a professional clean of the surfaces is essential to preserve the integrity of the new paint application. You’d be amazed at the amount of grime that can accumulate over the years!
  • Cabinet surface preparation -- standard procedure here. The surface of the cabinets is prepared for painting with sanding, primer and sealer.
  • Customized color painting -- a double-coat of your custom color, low-odor, above-industry standard paint.
  • Cabinet reconstruction -- we put it all back together, as good as new but looking even better than that!

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Kitchen Cabinets

There’s nothing more satisfying than lifting your dinner plates or wine glasses from an expertly painted kitchen cabinet. Whether it’s the lush tones of a beautiful paint job or the warmth and earthiness of a fine wooden finish, the glow and opulence your revitalized cabinetry will bring to your kitchen is hard to quantify.

Our cabinet painting and refinishing professionals will transform your kitchen in ways that will blow your mind. The possibilities are endless.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms are obviously one of the most used and bruised rooms in any home, and remodels are expensive, time-consuming and highly inconvenient in our busy modern lives. That’s why many of our clients choose cabinet painting or refinishing to transform them.

Elevating the cabinetry of your bathroom -- making it look and feel cleaner, brighter and fresher will not only create a more positive energy in the space, but also enhance the overall value of your home. The crew at Santa Clara Painting Co. is standing by to take your call!

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