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When it comes to the challenges of creating a new look for the outside of your home, our team of elite exterior painters have been working in the Santa Clara and greater San Jose region for two decades. So pull up a pew, relax with a book or a cocktail and let us take the lead on this all important painting project for you. We’ll get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take to do a DIY job, and what’s more you’ll get the benefit of our incredible customer service, our truly competitive prices and our expert craftsmanship. What a great way to increase the value of your home and the impression of your curb appeal. Become the most talked about house on the block by giving your exterior surfaces and brand new look!

The residential house painters of Santa Clara Painters are the best in the business. Local professionals with decades of experience between them, who love their jobs and love serving the residents of our community. We only use the absolute industry best painting and staining products, to ensure that the finished product sparkles in the sun. And you know that you’re getting the job done with longevity in mind. We understand the demands of the harsh California sun and will deliver your home the durability it needs to make through season after season, no matter how intense the weather gets!

We have plenty more services on offer however if exterior painting is not what you're looking for.

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When you’ve been in this business long as we have, you come to appreciate the inestimable value of preparation. Inadequate preparation on a house painting project can have unwanted ramifications for years to come and end up costing you more because you’re forever trying to patch up the errors of that preparatory stage. However if you get the job done with an obsessive attention to detail and the right know-how, you’ll never look back.

So let's take a look at some of the most important elements of your exterior painting prep:

  • The exteriors and facades of the structure first need to be thoroughly washed. We pressure wash -- trims, walls, eaves.
  • Next we’ll take a sander to any scuffed or damaged spots. Scraping clear peeling paint and filling nail holes is also done here.
  • Next we take a top notch primer to the metal or bare wooden surfaces, trim surfaces etc to ensure they are ready for the coat of paint.
  • Then we mask all windows and doors, and cover all outside furniture, plants, gardens and walkways.
  • Then we begin applying the paint and initiate the transformation of your home.

The only other part of the preparation we should mention here is your free color consultation with our pro painters. It’s a good idea to spend some time studying properties in your surrounding suburbs, and also taking a look at some industry-relevant magazines, to get an idea of just how many approaches you can take to the color scheme of your exterior painting project. The way that the dominant surfaces can be contrasted or complimented by your trim choices is really exciting, and it’s something you could even experiment with in advance. Take a section of outside wall and see how the colors go together with some sample paints. See how they change as the sun moves during the day, the light quality shifts, and shade comes and goes (depending on the amount of foliage surrounding your home). Any questions or advice you have in this regard, don’t hesitate to call us and talk through your ideas. Our job is to take your vision for your home, and bring it to life. By the end of our collaboration, you can expect your curb appeal to have skyrocketed, the actual value of your property to have increased, and that you will be fully satisfied by our smiling, professional services.

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