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Did you know that an Illinois study found that almost 70% of first time sales for brick and mortar stores -- be it in retail, dining, or other -- were based on curb appeal? That’s a phrase we usually only associate with residential properties and the ability of a home to upgrade its perceived market value and saleability with an upgrade in its cosmetic appearance. But if you own a business that has any sort of physical customer interface, and you’re not taking seriously what a prospective or new customer’s first impression of your space is, then you’re very likely leaving profit on the pavement.

What about once customers are inside your business space? Is the vibe warm and inviting? Elevated and sheek? Clean and minimal? All of these could be appropriate depending on your industry. Or, does it look like no one has paid attention to the space since you moved in five years ago? And how about your employees? How do they feel coming in to work every day?

Just as the interior spaces of our homes can affect how we feel -- lifting us up, or making us feel drab and down -- so too can the interior spaces in which we spend our working life.

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So whether you’re in a warehouse, office space, restaurant, hotel or fashion house, it’s time to think about whether your commercial spaces need a makeover. Be it interior or exterior painting services, a minor spruce-up or a full scale re-imagination, consider Santa Clara Painters as your ideal partner in this venture. Our expert commercial painters will give you a full consultation and free quote to find out what you need and hope for, assessing your budget and scheduling requirements, and then making that work for your vision. You will get a top grade color consultation, ensuring the perfect palette and scheme for your work spaces. And we will be sure to take into account all the particulars of your industry, working harmoniously with your employees to ensure the least amount of interruption to your daily business function.

Over our many years in business we’ve worked with practically every kind of commercial business out there, so our commercial painting skills are finely tuned. Whether we’re dealing with the strict aesthetic demands that come with contracting for national brands or bringing the facade of a local mom’n’pop shop to life within a tight budget, it’s all the same to us -- we treat your business with same love and respect we as if it were our business. That’s the Santa Clara Painters promise.

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