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You’d be surprised how often when consulting with a new client, they inadvertently take the color and design of their ceilings for granted. Some professionals can even have blinkers on in this regard, focus on painting the four walls, and then leave the ceiling the way it’s always been, usually white or off-white. This is definitely an oversight that won’t happen when you work with our painters in Santa Clara or San Jose. There are several different ways to approach maximizing the form and functionality of your ceiling’s fresh coat...

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Lighter/Tinted Ceilings
This is a neat trick that can radically alter the look and feel of a room and is incredibly underused. Imagine a bold or dark tone is used for the walls. We then apply a lighter tone of that color on the ceiling (hopefully a color from the same color card). The DIY approach would involve taking the darker color and drizzling some of it into a can of white paint, but this is hard to recreate down the track if you need to do further work. Just another reason why partnering with our professionals is the ultimate choice.

Darker ceilings
What about inverting that idea? A darker tone on the ceiling than the walls is undoubtedly a very strong and confident statement. It will immediately draw our eyes up. If the architecture of the room is vaulted and elegant, this kind of highlight could be the ideal choice. Regal and opulent. In smaller, tighter spaces and bedrooms, however, we would not recommend it.

Accented ceilings
Just as with an accent wall, here we’re aiming for the ultimate in unexpected but complimentary contrast. Be it a strong color contrast or a pattern, if a balanced approach is taken, this can be the ultimate finishing touch on a room. Where the colors support and play off each other without stealing focus, and provide a delightful backdrop to the other features of the room -- furniture, floor, and wall-hangings.

Oh, what a feeling...
At the end of the day, this is a room in your home. Most probably a space where you and your family will spend lots of time, day after day. So when you’re in it, how do you want to feel? All the fads and edgy professional advice really don’t matter if you don’t connect to the energy given off by the color scheme. Is it a space in which you see yourself working or studying? Then we want to find colors and color contrasts that aid creativity and focus. Or is it a space you will come to wind down and relax in? In that case, soothing tones are what we would want to move towards.

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