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Accent Walls

Accent walls are one of the most creative and unique ways to give your interior spaces a custom design feel. If variety is the spice of life, then accent walls can offer the perfect amount of seasoning to your home's interior. The simplicity, flexibility and stylishness of accent walls makes them a perennial design staple and always a popular choice. And no team of color creators is better to collaborate with than Santa Clara Painters.

Generally speaking, an accent wall is painted in an alternative but complementary color to the other walls in a room, and the contrast can be bold and striking or subtle and restrained. This approach can take a room that feels closed off and small, and transform it into feeling more spacious, bright and expansive. It can also help delineate different areas of a single room. For design purposes it can also provide a focal point for the room. A bold backdrop around which to organize and balance the other colors and furniture in the space.

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Accent Wall Painting Services...

There are several elements to consider as you collaborate with you Santa Clara Painting Co. professional to select the ideal Accent Walls for your interiors:

Color choice. Do you want to go bold and contrasting? Creating an undeniable statement as you walk into the room that will start a conversation and make you smile when you look at it? Or would you rather stay within one color range -- utilizing different shades of the same color? This can be a very visually satisfying approach in its own way.

Selecting the best wall. Not all walls are created equal in a room, and this is largely determined by the architectural layout -- where you enter or leave a room from, for example -- the design choices you’ve made with your furniture, carpets and artwork, and how light works in the room, be it from lighting fixtures or windows or both. The accented wall is going to draw the eye, so it’s important that it doesn’t create a room that then feels visually lopsided. Our team of experts will gladly consult with you on making this important decision.

Consider all colors in the room, not just the color of the other walls. Think about all palettes that show up around the room -- couches, chairs, tables, lamps, wall-hangings -- so that whichever way you go with the accent, truly complements the entire space.

Don’t be afraid of experimentation! This is not the time for timid approaches. The greatest asset of the accent wall is it’s just one wall! Worst case scenario, if it doesn’t feel right after the first coat, we can always take another approach. Obviously we strive to get it right the first time and we have an incredible track record here, but keeping this in mind can encourage our clients to think outside the box, bring their creativity to the table, get inspired and really have fun with it. Especially for kids rooms, or basement spaces, you can really go in new and exciting directions that totally revitalize the space.

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