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A fresh coat of paint is like a fresh start and our team of painters at Santa Clara Painters has been committed to providing that ‘fresh coat feeling’ to homeowners and businesses in the San Jose and Santa Clara region for the better part of two decades. We pride ourselves on the elite craftsmanship we deliver, our sparkling customer service and competitive rates. As a result we’re the most reliable painting contractors local businesses and homeowners turn to.

Perhaps the kids' bedrooms have taken one too many beatings; maybe you're thinking of selling and want to give your interior spaces or exterior trimmings a new look that makes them sparkle and pop; or it might be that you can't afford a full renovation but want to upgrade the feel and value of your entire home. Well that's where the finest painting contractors in San Jose and Santa Clara come in.

Our team of pros have years of experinece and have seen everything the job can throw at you. We understand the importance of delivering on your proejct on time, on budget, and to your total satisfaciton. We use the highest quality materials, understand light and color, and are number one in the region for customer service.

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No job too big. No job too small.

Our mission is simple:
Provide Santa Clara and the greater San Jose region with flawless painting services.
Elite craftsmanship.
On time. On budget.

Painters Near Me San Jose CA

Residential Painting

Whether it’s the interior spaces or the exteriors of your home that need to be spruced up, our two decades servicing our local community means we’ve built a sterling reputation. Our painters approach every job as though we were painting our own homes. With every job you can expect a thorough color consult, to ensure we’re moving forward with the ultimate color scheme for your home. Our specialists are also able to match any pre-existing tones you might want us to work with. Our planning, attention to detail and execution mean the finished product will continue looking fantastic for years to come. We’ve collaborated with literally hundreds of local residents to bring their painting dreams to life.

Commercial Painting

Our crews of expert commercial painters have the know-how and capabilities to expand the scope of their projects to include any kind of commercial job. Take us up on a free consultation and walk through so we can hear all about your ideas for your commercial spaces -- interior or exterior, large or small. Apartment buildings or townhouses. Shopping centers or offices. Retail stores, rental properties. And then watch our team go to work,with professionalism and transparency, getting the finished product completed on budget and on time. Call now for a free quote.

Coloring & Paint

At Santa Clara Painters we’re experts in color matching and consulting. We also offer free color brush-outs. Additionally, if we put together an estimate for you, we will provide you with color charts that simplify the whole process and take the guesswork out of it. In choosing the right color for your property, our specialists will consult closely with you, taking into account what kind of physical materials are being painted, the lighting conditions of the space or area, sheen, tint, exposure, ensuring we arrive at the perfect color combination.

Our contractors also use eco-friendly supplies and materials at every possible juncture. For our commercial clients, this may often be a requirement. But it is our preference no matter the job at hand. We’re always conscious of our environmental footprint and take the utmost care to ensure we’re across the latest developments in industry advancements. Specifically, we focus on using paints and coatings low in Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, basically the ideal choice for the environmentally conscious painting professional.

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Painting Contractors Santa Clara CA

Interior Painting Services...
Are you excited at the opportunity to transform your interior spaces? Whether your requirements are simple and straightforward or large and complex, we’ve got you covered. Need to upgrade the paint trim in your office? No problems. How about revitalizing the look of multiple rooms with a floor-to-ceiling do-over? This is where we live. If you have the decorative vision, we are the team to make that vision a reality. You can trust the quality of our craftsmanship and our consummate professionalism.

The best painting contractors near me are the ones you’re looking at right now. Imagine cracking a bottle of wine in your newly painted living room, bright and fresh. Or a kitchen that comes alive with a rich new color scheme that elevates its entire feel. And don't forget your ceilings! A fresh coat of your ceilings can totally transform the feel of a room. You can expect nothing best from Santa Clara Painters whether we’re revitalizing your walls, cabinets, ceilings, stairways, windows or doors...

Accent Walls
The primary function of an accent wall is contrast. It could be a bold color choice that brings an otherwise muted space to life, but it doesn’t always have to be a splashy selection that works best. Subtle differences in color tone can be equally effective in creating interest in a room, breaking up the uniformity of the space, or making a room appear larger. On a functional level, accent walls can also be useful in separating different areas of a single room.

Irrespective of your reason, accent walls provide an undeniably stylish edge to your home interiors, and our professional accent wall painting services in San Jose and Santa Clara are as fast, affordable and elite as you could hope for. Don’t wait to contact us. Call now and we can get you kicking back with a cocktail asap, framed by your incredibly cool new accent wall.

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets
If your kitchen or bathrooms are in need of an upgrade but you don’t want to break the bank, the ultimate solution is painting your cabinets. Perhaps the cabinetry is looking a bit dated, dreary or lackluster. Perhaps the original color scheme was something you didn’t choose yourself. Either way, when major renovations are just not what the doctor ordered, talk to our professional cabinet painters about a cosmetic enhancement.

Although it sounds like a simple job, many folks aren’t aware of some of the subtle complexities the job requires. Whether it’s the involved prep work, partial cabinet deconstruction or professional finishing that takes the shine and presentation of a cabinet painting job to the next level, it’s a great idea to partner with us at Santa Clara Painters so that we can bring your vision to life. We employ a top-tier, off-site priming and spray paint process, which maximizes longevity and durability.

House Painting Santa Clara CA

Exterior Painting Services...
Without a doubt, the most financially efficient approach to revitalizing the value of your property and getting maximum returns on your real estate investment is not a full scale renovation, but rather a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home. Curb appeal is key, and it’s what every homeowner hopes for. It’s that first impression you get as you approach a property from the street. And if your curb appeal is at an elite level, the advantage it gives you in the market and the admiration it garners from your friends and neighbors, is hard to argue with. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the exterior painting services you will receive if you work with our team of licensed, professional house painters, will reach that elite level.

Choosing the right company and crew to take on this project is super important, because there’s real skill and professional know-how required to get your exterior paint job done right, so that it stands the test of time. After all, the outside of your house is exposed to the elements in a way that your interiors are not. So don’t go to battle with elements yourself, instead let Santa Clara Painters fight the good fight on your behalf and make the dreams you have for your home and curb appeal, a sparkling reality.

Our team of experts are always sourcing the finest materials and products on the market, be it paint, primers or staining products.

And our protocols are thorough and detailed:

Cleaning the surfaces comes first. Clearing out the dirt and grime.
Sanding, scraping and smoothing comes next, ensuring the old makes way for the new in the most effective way.
Then we caulk any irregularities in the surface.
The paint job is next. A double coat. Only the finest, high grade painting products.
Then we clean the surface once more.
And finally, a detailed inspection.

It’s never a small job, but it doesn’t mean it needs to bankrupt you! We offer great rates and will take the time to listen to what you need, and do everything in our power to deliver the best quality product on the market at the most competitive prices. Affordable rates that we quote you from the outset, with financing options available on request. And when you see the finished job, and the valuation of your property gets that jolt, the investment will feel all the more worth it.

Other exterior painting services we offer include:

  • Fences -- painting and staining
  • Decks -- painting and staining
  • Garage painting

It’s time to give your home the makeover it deserves. Bring in the experts from Santa Clara Painting Co. and get the job done with minimal fuss, minimal cost and maximum results.

Santa Clara Painters

The finest painting services in San Jose and Santa Clara

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